Script: run Redmine Trunk in local dev environment

I’m neit­her very fa­mi­li­ar with Ru­by, nor with Rails. Howe­ver, I li­ke Open Source soft­ware and think it’s im­portant to con­tri­bu­te to pro­jects which are part of your dai­ly work­flow. That’s why I con­tri­bu­te to Red­mi­ne any­ways. It’s a gre­at Open Source pro­ject ma­nage­ment web ap­p­li­ca­ti­on and our de­ve­lop­ment team at pa­gi­na GmbH re­li­es hea­vi­ly on it.

Be­cau­se I know Ru­by on Rails very litt­le I won’t wri­te blog posts about crea­ting Red­mi­ne plug­ins, de­spi­te ha­ving writ­ten or for­ked several of them, but will in­s­te­ad sha­re so­me scripts from my de­ve­lop­ment pipeline—local and on ser­ver. May so­me of them be of in­te­rest for so­meo­ne…

A ti­ny script to fetch and run la­test Red­mi­ne Trunk ver­si­on in a lo­cal de­ve­lop­ment en­vi­ron­ment:

Sin­ce I don’t li­ke SVN very much I’m using a clo­ne of the un­of­fi­ci­al Red­mi­ne Git­Hub Mir­ror and pull chan­ges from over the­re.

Plea­se not that you al­re­ady need Red­mi­ne to be in­stal­led be­fo­re using this…

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